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C67S roller shutter spring raw material

C67S roller shutter spring raw material

Rolling door spring steel strip,which is made with hardened and tempered ,it is an unique process of heating treatment,that strengthens steel strips  throught controlling the heating and cooling process.which is can be used to increase the toughness of steel strips

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C67S roller shutter spring raw material

GuangWeiYouLiang`s steel strip for shutter spring is well-know good quality for rollin shuter application. We understand that the flexibility is the key for shutter spring when the door rolling down and rolling up and strip steel can`t be broken when bending. Every year, we export hundreds of tons of strip steel worldwide for this use and We have great and full experience, knowing how to solve these problems and to avoid this problems. From first-rate raw material, cold rolling, quenching and tempering process, de-burring edges, etc, each production step, is checked carefully in width, thickness, hardness, edge and flexibility. Spring steel strips ( material grade c67s and c75s) are most suitable for making shutter spring.

MOQ for rolling shutter spring steel strip is 2tons.




appliations:  roller shutter steel door, garage door, roller shutter metal door

material:      C67S, c75s(SAE1070,SAE1075)

surface:       polish blue/blue

edge:           rounded

hardness:    43-49hrc

60x1.60    60x1.50    65x1.20    60x1.0
80x1.40    50x1.50    60x1.20    55x1.0
65x1.40    45x1.50    55x1.20    50x1.0
60x1.40    60x1.30    50x1.20    45x1.0
55x1.40    55x1.30    45x1.20    40x1.0
50x1.40    50x1.30    40x1.20    30x1.0
45x1.40    45x1.30    35x1.20  
40x1.40    40x1.30

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