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High Tensile Blue Steel Strap

High Tensile Blue Steel Strap

High tensile steel strappings manufactured from special cold rolled steel coil, are debureed, heat treated, pained and waxed in continued line by automatic machining controlling to obtain high strength and excellent shock resstance which ae for heavy dut products applications.High tensile steel strappings are manufactured from a special cold rolled steel and are heat - treated to get high tensil strength above 930Mpa and the elongation over 6%. 

  • Product Description

High Tensile Blue Steel Strap

Steel strapping with high strength specifications

Physical Properties


Thickness x Width 

thickness(mm) width(mm)


0.50 16,19
0.60 16,19
0.70 19
0.80 19,25.4,31.75,32
0.90 19,25.4,31.75,32,40
1.0 19,25.4,31.75,32,40
1.2 31.75,32,40

thickness toleance



width tolearance




Blue tempered + Waxed

Painted + Waxed, such as black, brown, green, etc

Zinc coated + waxed



Coil Dimension

Coil I.D: 200mm, 300mm, 406mm

Coil O.D (max): 1000mm


Coil winding    Coil face  Coil weight
Ribbon wound




Oscillated wound 63.5mm 50kgs
Jumbo wound 190mm 200-400kgs





Each bundle is packed with water proof paper and put onto

wooden pallet or iron pallet



steel industry(steel coil, steel sheet, steel tube, steel bar)

plywood packing, timeber packing, brick packing

cotton, wool, jute, glass, oil tank

other heavy duty products etc



sizes, breaking load min, finish, coiling type, coil I.D, coil O.D, can be made accord. to customers`s requirement.

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