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Last week the European market as a whole was stable
2017-03-31 15:59:28

 Last week the European market as a whole was stable

Flat material, to maintain a smooth. The domestic market, last week, Northwest Europe hot rolled coil continued steady, the German Ruhr area hot volume ex-factory price of 565-570 euros / ton, hot roll delivery between April and May, shorter than the cold and hot Galvanized sheet. Affected by low-cost imports of resources, Central European hot volume prices lower, 550-560 euros / ton. In terms of import markets, the euro and the Indian suppliers take the initiative to cut prices, India to Europe, the decline in sheet prices, the European buyers in terms of the price attractive. At present, India's hot roll import price of 510-515 euros / ton (CIF), the chain fell 10-15 euros / ton, cold rolled price of 600-610 euros / ton (CIF), the chain fell 20 euros / ton. However, last week the Indian mills raised the domestic hot coil price of about 14 euros / ton, it is not clear whether India's exports to Europe, hot roll offer is affected.

Longs, ups and downs. By scrap prices rose, the Nordic rebar delivery price rose 5-15 euros / ton, reported at 475-485 euros / ton, but the southern European market due to export blocked, especially in Italy, resulting in local rebar prices fell 10 euros / ton , Reported at 420-450 euros / ton. In addition, the Turkish market price of Turkish resources, the competitiveness of greatly reduced, the Turkish resources offer for 480-490 euros / ton (CFR), but the CIS rebar import price is only 445 euros / ton (CFR).